Flashmob Proposal

The BEST experience you will share forever!

Ref: FM001
Duration: Various
Location: South Wales
Prices from: Please get in touch for a personalised quotation.


What is a flash mob? Flash mobs are when you think the general public are casually going about their daily routines when you get a sudden surprise of a group of dancers that make you stop in your tracks!! The choreography will be in perfect sync and expressed through powerful entertaining music! Who in the world wouldnít want to be impressed with a flash mob proposal or sales pitch?!! Flash mobs can be performed in any general public area from a shopping centre to a train station. You can either get a group of professional dancers to create the magic, or you can get your closest friends and family together for your most memorable and personal proposal! Turn your average shopping day into the BEST experience you will share forever!

Why is a Pzazz Flash mob perfect for your proposal?

Flash mobs are fantastic and great fun as they are unique, truly special and imaginative. Take your creative desire and surprise your loved one that will touch their heart and soul in a magnificent way! It will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

How to organise a flash mob

There are many ways to go about organising a flash mob. First decide on the size, location and your favourite chosen song that is personal to you both. Choose from professional dancers or keep it personal with your friends and family to help you propose in the most romantic way! Pzazz team will create and choreograph to your chosen song. All you have to do is put your dancing shoes on and Pzazz will do the rest! Make that fairytale ambition into reality! Please get in contact and we will give you a personal quote. Pzazz can arrange all studio hire, filming and mixing of music.

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